What we do

We give you peace of mind when you need it most

Losing your keys, being burgled or just locking yourself out is usually a pretty unsettling experience   for many people. If you're locked out we can get you into your home again quickly. If you've been burgled we can fix any damage and secure your property to significantly reduce your chances of being burgled again. All our work is guaranteed so you can be confident in the quality of work we do for you so make sure you contact Budget Locksmiths.

Non-Destructive Entry is our speciality

We’ll always do our best to open your locks by picking or bypassing the lock. Our success rate is well over 95% so you can be confident in our skills. Our very last resort is to drill the lock, NOT like many locksmiths in Plymouth who will quote a very low call out fee but then drill the lock and sting you for the (very overpriced) lock replacement when you haven’t got any alternative option.

No Hidden fees

We will give you a fixed price over the phone, and as long as the information you provide over the    phone regarding the lock type is accurate, thats all you will pay.